English Summer School


The British International School offers a summer school in June. For the present pupils this is a very attractive afternoon programme on each school day that includes trips to various attractions, creative and sporting activities as well as House competitive game playing. For example, last summer the school were involved in constructing bridges made of spaghetti, building designs that could protect an egg dropped from a great height or cars that were propelled by elastic bands. It was great fun for all and involved a lot of imagination and teamwork from the pupils and staff.

Parents whose children are not registered in the school may attend the June summer school for a reduced fee. We are a friendly school and welcome pupils who wish to learn in a pre-dominantly English speaking environment and are prepared to follow the guidelines and rules to ensure that everyone benefits from the unique learning experiences offered here.

Please contact the school in April/May if you wish to consider joining our summer school.





For more information

phone 0562 31 81 96 (97).